Rise Movement Leadership  Conference

Imagine arriving at a place a year from now feeling inspired, healed, accomplished and in love with the person you've become in just 52 weeks.
Think about what it would mean to you to be able to create the best year of your life. A healthy bank account? Your dream business/job? Healthy relationships? 

BOLDNESS does not belong only to those of great intelligence or stature.
 BOLDNESS belongs to people who cultivate a spirit of FAITH and who RISE UP to become more and do more because they finally became weary of mediocrity. 

Rise Movement Leadership Conference will help you understand that YOU have the power to set the sail of your life. It's not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination, it is the set of your sail. 
You will leave with all the tools you need to become, do and have all that you have ever dreamed of! 
Proceeds from all our events and tools go back into impacting the world....

ONE Person can impact thousands of lives! 
We are on a mission to make an impact on the world.
To take care of the widows, orphans, and FREE kids from the sex slave trade which is a 150 Billion dollar industry.
We have a goal in 2019 to free 100 from the sex slavery trade. 
We have a goal to feed 5,000 people in 2019
We have a goal to raise $10,000 to build a water yard for the extreme poor who have no access to clean water. A person dies everyday because they don’t have access to clean water. 
If you want to make a difference and come along side of us in the battle to conquer the evil, then STEP IN....LEAN IN AND DON’T FEAR.

10 Years ago, Rachel Tucker founder of Rise was broke, on government assistance, both cars repoed, hated her husband and had no hope for the future. Life was happening to her. And she was miserable. Never did she imagine that I would be where she is today, in 10 short years.

Wife to her best friend, Mother of 4 champion kids, owner of multiple businesses; one a multi-million dollar business, published author, founder of a growing ministry, and traveling the world with my family.
Friend, she is living proof that it doesn't matter where we start or what our current circumstances are. It's all about saying YES to YOU for once!!!
Who are you bringing with you? 
April 5-6. 2019 
Mosaic Church
894 OH 28
 Milford, Ohio
Don't miss the most amazing, empowering, visioning, women's event of 2019
A portions of the proceeds from this conference will go straight to Oasis House!
Oasis House offers hope and support to women victims of sexual exploitation by promoting healing, restoration, and empowerment through Christ's unconditional love, teaching practical life skills, and mentoring through a transformational process.


If you've ever....

💫wished there was MORE to life than this....

😤frustrated by finances

🔑wanted to be shown HOW to get success

😓felt that your year's of HARD WORK hasn't amounted to what you wanted...

😨struggled with communication skills with your clients, friends or loved ones...

😨struggle in building your network marketing business

Then THIS is your answer!

Check out the testimonials and the power of coming to the RISE movement event!  👇👇👇👇👇👇

We are building and raising up leader's to help us reach our goals this year of:

100 people free from the Sex Slave trade

5,000 mouths fed

and one water yard...this is our 2019 goals!

We have partnered with Oasis house (info is above)
They serve over 200 women a week
The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14-year-old. Many victims are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children.
Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry (behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking). It reportedly generates a profit of $32 billion every year. Of that number, $15.5 billion is made in industrialized countries.
According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children.

So, if you have ever said.....👇👇👇👇👇

🌈I want to make a difference in the world
🌈I want to be a part of something that is impacting the world.
🌈I need more skills in order to accomplish my goals.
🌈I have a dream burning in me..
🌈I want to become more...
🌈I don't know how to set goals or vision
🌈I need community
🌈I want an amazing marriage
🌈I want better communication skills
🌈I want to be in community with some strong, fierce, bold, passionate women
🌈I want a non-judgemental tribe
🌈I want to be included
🌈I want to be free from; anxiety, depression, addiction.
If you answered YES to any of these, or maybe you have some that aren't listed...

If you want to go to the next level, then you have to change something..
What got you here, will not get you to the next level.
If you want transformation in 2019...
This event is for you!

I want to encourage you to take action NOW.
If you are ready to be apart of a weekend that will change your life forever... THEN GET YOUR SPOT NOW!!

The team and I can’t WAIT to spend this special weekend with you! 
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April 5-6, 2019 In Milford, Ohio
You are literally one decision away from a completely different life!
Making a commitment to be in this room will be your best decision yet!
Exclusive cocktail party with hors d'oeuvre's to make your feel like the royalty you are!
Photo booth fun!
Special Q& A with all the speaker's
We will have a professional photographer available for photo opportunities with the speaker's.
💫music...of course!

💫We have been blessed with the most amazing, strong, courageous, bold and fierce women speaker's who are filled with passion and are excited to share their message of perseverance, and trials and then give you tools to help you along your dream journey. They are Wive's, Mom's and Entrepreneur's.

💫You will laugh, dance, cry, and possibly get pissed.....but it will be a good pissed!
You are going to hear an amazing testimonial of a woman who was trafficked as a young girl, then got addicted to drugs, went to prison...etc, etc....
She now has custody of her kids, has a full time job and is living and thriving
on her own! 

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Featured Speakers and Artist
Rachel Tucker- Founder of Rise Movement
My name is Rachel Tucker and I am a wife to my best friend Curt, a Mother to 4 amazing champion kids and a self-proclaimed dreamer with a bulldog work ethic! I was NOT voted most likely to succeed, nor was I even prepared for life! I was cut from the 7th-grade basketball team, but seventh-grade basketball is a scam anyway! But, I did gold medal on the sexual gymnastics team. A train wreck is the only way to describe who I USED TO BE. I had a 1.7 GPA, but I did manage to get a Bachelor's degree. After marrying Curt they found themselves broke, no cars, home foreclosed and on food stamps and no hope for the future just 10 years ago. To today, Rachel and Curt are best friends and business partners in raising kids and in business. They have built a multi-million dollar business, Own a gym franchise, Rachel is the founder of a ministry and the Rise Movement ,and now spend their days, running their days, versus, their day running them. Rachel says, "IF I CAN DO THIS, LITERALLY....ANYONE CAN DO THIS!"
Rachel has 2 published books: "How Jesus and Yoga changed my Life" and "RISE- Whatever it Takes" 
Anyone who she calls friend would describe her as "The Dreamer" but not only that...
The DOER!!
Valerie Waugaman- Gal

• Starred as “SIREN” on NBC’S American Gladiators, which has aired in 90 different countries around the globe.
• 3-time International Professional Figure Champion (IFBB), with photo spreads/covers and interviews in over a
dozen international fitness magazines
• Author of "Tree of Success - Planting the Dream Seed"
• Creator of "Energy-Time Portable Workout System"
• Think TQ, Certified Master Presenter and Motivational Consultant.
• Co-Founder, MissionFit, a women's fitness & faith ministry
• Founder & Head Coach, FITmission, LLC
• Keynote Speaker and Youth Empowerment Speaker
• High Performance Life Coach

Stacie McCall Harris
Stacie might be small in size , but she thinks big and goes big in everything that she does. From the 4th grade through high school, she competed in volleyball, track, basketball. She soon received a full basketball scholarship to the University of Michigan. While at Michigan, she received her degree in public relations and communications. She joined Michigan's top 10 list for free throw percentages with 92% in her senior year and was honored to be chosen for the Henry and Nancy Newlin Award given to the top 3 athletes during their senior year. After college Stacie worked in public relations for Les Wexner in Columbus, Ohio and competed in national fitness competitions. 
Stacie soon left Columbus and became an NFL wife and helped her husband to run their foundation while pursuing acting. Together they have 2 children, CJ Sanders and Cierra Sanders. CJ is widely known for being discovered in the movie "Ray" playing along side Jamie Foxx as Young Ray and now for his infamous 92 yard KR at the University of Notre Dame where he graduated in just 3 years. Cierra is a sophomore at the University of Dayton. Currently Stacie is re-married to former NFL veteran of 12 years and Super Bowl Champion Corey Harris. She is the founder of her online brand "Inspire by Stacie" where she shares a lot of her inspirational tools for success which she will bring to Rise Movement!
Robin Housley
From a small town (Houston OH) farm girl to million dollar business mogul and global stage owning
public speaker, Robin has seen and done A LOT.
Her 10 years in the United States Air Force set the foundation for her “get it done” spirit and Fear No
Challenge approach to life.
Robin has experienced exceptional corporate success...growing her career from an IT Engineer to an
Executive at a Virginia Fortune 500 consulting firm. She is currently the Director of IT Security
Compliance and Risk for the Taylor Corporation, 212 th on the 2018 Forbes America’s Largest Private
Companies list.
Although Robin has successfully climbed the corporate ladder, her true passion lies in Entrepreneurship.
After her military service, Robin built multiple businesses that afforded her the opportunity to take a
hiatus from the corporate world to grow a multimillion dollar empire. During this time, she ran several
companies and travelled the world teaching thousands from the stage to take their businesses to the
million dollar club as well.
These adventures in public speaking eventually led Robin to find her true passion in helping others
achieve more through personal accountability and taking back control of their life’s journey. She was
afforded countless opportunities to teach and help others on a personal level; while also continuing to
manage her business empire.
Unfortunately, as with all stories, Robin’s is not without catastrophic hardships and life changing blows.
 At 6 years old, Robin was molested for several years by a family friend
 She spent her childhood in fear of the next violent outburst from her father
 She taught herself to be quiet, shrink back and to not draw attention to herself for fear of
further abuses
 Her second marriage catastrophically failed, taking with it the million dollar empire and rock star
lifestyle that had been paid for by years of nonstop work days and countless family sacrifices
 After her empire failed, Robin lost her voice….no longer able to speak in public or teach from the
stage. This was the hardest loss of all…as this was where she felt her most alive!
But it was only through these obstacles that Robin was able to discover her true self, what she had been
totally capable of all along…and why she was here.
Robin is now balancing a successful corporate career along with pursuing her life’s work of passing along
the tools she has learned through her arduous journey to help others realize that happiness is but a
choice that only YOU can make. Robin is a Woman Warrior put on this Earth to help others find their
voice and use their power to overcome the past, find peace in the now and pursue a life of abundance
and joy!
Check out the transformations from our last Rise Movement Conference👇👇👇
When I heard about the Rise conference, I wasn’t 100% sure what all it would entail, but I am 100% glad I went. God put it on my heart to get a ticket so I did. The speakers all were very open about real life experiences they have had- struggles, pain and victories included. They offered great insights for dealing with daily life, anxiety, fear and many of the things that keep one from living a better life.

This conference provided real life tools to help you rise above what may be holding you back. We may not realize how much fear of change, past relationships or just daily anxiety limits what we can do. It was definitely worth my time spending a day with this amazing group of women. They have found ways to rise above the circumstances that leave us feeling like we are in a rut or things are out of control. It was a great day and I left feeling empowered to take better care of myself so I can help others as well.
Amanda Baker- Arcanum, Ohio
I was super excited to purchase my ticket for the rise conference in fact I was so excited to attend I Purchased a second ticket for a friend to go with me. On the day of the conference well actually the day before the lady who was supposed to attend with me backed out and I could not find anyone else to go. So in the morning at the conference as I was driving to Ginghamsburg Church I had a moment when I almost decided to turn my car around and go back home. And as I began to cry and really think about all the reasons and excuses I could certainly use to not attend I suddenly heard in the back of my mind God speaking to me saying that I needed to go but it was time for me to step up and rise up and to let go of all the things that I had been holding onto and trapping up inside . it was time for me to walk in my gifts and my callings. So I proceeded to the conference that morning not really sure what to expect although I knew that there was something great is coming from that conference for me personally. And sure enough by the end of the day all the things that I had heard in my mind spoken to me we're confirmed through each and every one of the speakers that day. And since that day of the conference there has been a change inside of me. Since that conference I have lost 35 pounds maybe more. I have dropped for clothing sizes and I feel absolutely incredibly amazing. I feel strong and empowered and unstoppable. I feel as if there is nothing that I could not accomplish in my life time that the sky,  truly is the limit. And since the day of that conference I have set forth goals of becoming a health coach where I'm able to empower women and break free from a lifetime bondage of obesity and negativity. I desire to become a personal trainer, I desire to write a book, maybe multiple books I desire to be used as a motivational speaker and some sort of way to uplift and empower women the same way I was empowered the day of the Rise Movement Conference. I have challenged my physical body to take on a terrain run and a savage race two things of which I never thought I could do physically but each day I'm getting stronger and getting closer to smashing those goals! I am even more excited for the next rise movement conference and I will definitely be purchasing my ticket and at least one or two other tickets for a friend or lady whom I don't even know at this point. I just want someone to receive the gift that I received at the Rise; the gift of empowerment,  of being awakened to all that I possess inside of me. It is time for us as women to rise up and walk in our gifts and our callings! - Tori Broderick- Piqua, Ohio
Being at the Rise event was very humbling for me. I learned things about myself, I didn’t know but was beginning to understand. You truly can’t change what you don’t acknowledge! I realized that I was very codependent in multiple different areas. Like with my kids, I did way too much and left them to be needy. I was the friend someone called only when they had a problem. actually felt relieved, since I do so much for so many people in my life. So I knew I had to place healthy boundaries. I also loved the message of procrastination, that was also something I did way too much of and needed to change. I learned I was telling myself lies and that I had the power to change my thoughts. Then what happens when you acknowledge change is fear sets in. So the words I kept in m mind was what Rachel Billups said “” if not now , then when”. So I felt empowered by these strong amazing women and not only left with knowledge to help me to be a better me, I left with new sisters in Christ. Thank you.
I am still working on these things daily and I am getting better each day and feel amazing. 
Diana Sparkman- Massilon Ohio
I wasn’t sure that this Rise thing was for me. I mean, I saw all of the links, watched the video, checked out a zoom with all of the speakers…honestly I was pretty jazzed up after hearing some of the stuff they would be sharing at the event. So much that me and my best friend signed up (we were two of the first 150 to sign up!)

But even after that, I still wasn’t sure. 

Then my friend called me and asked if I was still going. Something had come up and she had to cancel. This was it…my chance to back out too. I mean…I barely wanted to go when my friend was going with me. And then she cancelled on ME…it would have been so easy to just stay home.

But I didn’t…and Man, Oh Man…I am SO glad that I went!

The room full of women was amazing! The energy…you could feel it. Hundreds of women were here...and you could feel that they were here for a reason (even if, like me, they didn't know what that reason was). I was standing up...cheering…buzzing even before the first speaker took the stage.

And then they spoke.

These women shared their souls with us that day. They bared it all…and I mean it ALL…and it changed me.

I can’t explain it any better than just saying that from the time I entered that room until the time I left, something in me had shifted.

I could feel like I could see a truth that I have known was there before AND I felt “permission” to be stronger. I was finally acknowledged. SOMEBODY KNEW EXACTLY HOW I WAS FEELING! And they didn't just know how I was feeling...they had literally been there and GOT THROUGH IT!  

Listen…this day changed me. I can never go back. I know that I am in control of this life…that I am not alone. And others know this truth now too!

And we can never unlearn this and NEVER again will my voice be quieted.

Thank you, Rachel. You and your Rise Ladies have changed me! I will live MY life with strength and carry these truths and tools with me forever!
Robin- Troy, Ohio
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