At The Well Retreat
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What is the "At The Well Retreat"?

An immersive experience to ENGAGE those willing to take control…EQUIP you with knowledge and tools…to EMPOWER you to RISE into YOUR MORE!
When was the last time that you felt in control? Control of your job, of your family, of your happiness, of your faith….heck in control of your life? Did the control slip away one little piece at a time? Or did it all come crashing down at once?
Do you feel that random spin like you just can’t seem to get back up…maybe you get back half way, or even all of the way for a little while. But then life hits you sideways and you go crashing back down?
Girl…WE KNOW just what that feels like!

But there is a way to build back that stable foundation under your feet so that you can move forward with strength and confidence. It takes accepting 2 very simple and unarguable truths:

1. Jesus is with you and has been at every step
2. YOU hold all the of POWER that you have ever needed (and it’s been inside of you all along)
On paper those look pretty simple, right? Now actually getting to where you BELIEVE these truths…that’s a whole other story.
That first one is pretty easy. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. It doesn’t matter what life throws our way, or how little we actually talk with God…He is there. Ready to answer our call…waiting like the patient Father that He is for us to reach out.
But that second one…actually believing we have all of the Power inside of us that we ever need? That one is tougher. It doesn’t take much to get inside of our own heads and convince ourselves of our lack of power and control.

Sometimes it just takes getting away from all of the “normal”…to take a break to reconnect with that power. Doesn’t that sound like EXACTLY what you need right now?
This At The Well  Retreat is the place for you!
Come spend the weekend with other, like minded folks who can speak life back into you! Who can whisper in your ear sincere enough for you to actually hear that “You had the power all along, Dear”.

COME AWAY With the tools and confidence that you need to live the life that deep down you know is out there waiting to be found!
GOD made our hearts with abundant capacity for growth, positivity and happiness. But our minds get so confused by the everyday chaos and adversity that we convince ourselves that the chaos and feeling of helplessness is normal…and our bodies hold onto the pain and confusion…BLOCKING the abundant, happy and prosperous life that God intended us to live.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You CAN take back control…you just need to hear the truth and see the SIMPLE, Easy to use, everyday tools that actually work to TRANSFORM your LIFE and GIVE YOU BACK YOUR POWER!
That is why YOU NEED to be HERE!

What is At The Well all About?
At The Well retreat is another branch of Women at the Well Ministries .It isn’t just an event…It's a MOVEMENT. We are a tribe who have joined hands to BUILD each other up and to REACH out to our Sisters, Mothers, Daughters and Friends…to grab YOU by the hand and help you to gain the courage to heal your own wounds, lead you to clarity for your own passions, inspire YOU to find the strength to Rise Above your current situation…to join a tribe of Fellow Leaders, whose one true desire is to reach out into this world to Raise Up our fellow Women Warriors to BE THE LIGHT and the Love on this Earth for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So…are you ready? Are you ready to take a chance and walk with a tribe whose only desire in this life is to reach out into the world to Raise Up our fellow Women… to help them really hear the truth that there IS MORE and we ALL have the power to activate this truth within ourselves to Live in that MORE!

If you are ready to spend the rest of your life using the gift’s that you have been blessed and to thrive in each and every area of your life…then TAKE Our HAND. Join US on this great adventure to Realize the Power within you to RISE Up and become MORE!

You are Worth IT! We believe in YOU!
OCTOBER 25, 26 & 27, 2019

WHO Is the At The Well RETREAT FOR?
Every body shape, size, age and ability will find empowerment and their inner strength!
This retreat is open to EVERYONE! If you want to restore your purpose and passion to be exactly who God created you to be, and if you want to be filled up with natural confidence and POWER that is yours to harness, then this retreat is for YOU!
HOW Is The AT The Well Retreat Different from Other Retreats?

We are followers of Christ. We embrace His invitation and promise of renewal and rebirth. It is upon this truth that we will build our foundation of transformation and growth; learning tools along the way that will be used every day to reconnect with the Power within ourselves to Be the Change in this world! It all starts with one…and that one looks back at us in the mirror each and every day. We are in Control. We Hold the Power. The Choice is Ours.

October 25-27, 2019
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OCTOBER 25-27, 2019 
Montezuma Retreat Center
located at 6731 State Route 219, Montezuma, Ohio 45866
Our Rise events are high energy and are about inspiring you to break out and RISE UP.
The At The Well Retreat is designed for healing, Mind/body/spirit!
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